Our Poem

Oh! sweetly rural is the scene
Where Geashill Castle stands;
Beneath a line of green old hills
This lovely vale expands.

 And human skill hath lent its aid
To make it still more fair,
With graceful lawns and well-kept walks
And gardens smiling there.

The church, half hid by large green trees
That fling their shadow o’er
The graves of those in peaceful sleep
Who toil and weep no more.

Oh! what a deep, a holy calm
Pervades the village neat,
No surging crowds with deafening din
Disturb its quiet street

And gentle spring doth always pay
Her earliest visit there;
With harvest rich the neigh’bring fields
Repay the farmers care

At early morn, or noon or e’en,
Through all the changing year,
The beauties of this vale change not,
But lovely still appear.

Edward Egan, 1889

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