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Our Tidy Towns Year So Far

  • The improved Christmas Tree with new frame and base surround, and crib with newly painted figures got lots of favourable comments. Hot refreshments were supplied on the night by Jim and Catherine Hamilton and enjoyed by all.
  • The Geashill Trees for Families Day, held during National Tree Week was a great success, celebrating the planting of 150 trees in the Glebe Walk.
  • A special certificate showing our new Tidy Towns Logo was presented to each tree sponsor.
  • Two wooden bridges constructed in the main by Padraic Direen and Michael Guinan are a great addition to the Glebe.
  • Bird and bat boxes have been mounted on trees in the Glebe.
  • Find of the year has to be the stone base of the Weighing Scale used during Geashills Pig Fairs, which was discovered under the soil at the end of The Green.
  • We  have made a new gravel pathway to the stile at the end of The Green incorporating the stone base of the Weighing Scales, and flanked by perennial beds each in the shape of  the rounded stile stones.
  • Eighteen oak trees were planted in Monsignor Coonans field. These along with the twenty planted on the opposite side of the Tullamore Road will form an impressive entrance to the village.
  • Five new Lime trees have been planted in The Green to complement the existing mature ones.
  • A great night was had by all at our Annual Table Quiz in the High Chaparral. A sincere thanks to all our sponsors.
  • The stone wall at the village entrance to The Glebe has been extended.
  • The unsightly open drain at the Glebe entrance has been piped and covered and a native mixed hedge and perennial border planted there.
  • Energy saving L.C.D. lighting has been installed on the Tullamore and Portarlington roads by Offaly County Council.
  • The wooden fence at the entrance to The Glebe on the Tullamore Road has been repaired.
  • 22 medium sized trees, crab apple, mountain ash, white beam, silver birch and hawthorn were planted on the Portarlington Road. A further 18 have been planted in groups around the village with 5 at the front of St. Olivers Estate and 4 in the Old School grounds.
  • More wooden barrels have been installed to collect rain water as part of our water conservation initiative.

As you can see, we’ve been very busy-and there’s more to come.

Watch out for the St. Brigid Anemone which was developed in the Alderborough Nursery in Geashill in the early 1900’s, making a welcome return to the village.

And – the archway which used to grace the entrance to The Glebe will hopefully be restored to its former glory very shortly.

Expect to see lots of colourful perennial planting under the guidance of our new Geashill Wildlife Gardening Club.


And there could be MUCH MUCH MORE- but only if we have more shoulders to put to the wheel. We need a small army to help with gate painting, to clear brambles, to plant window boxes and to repair and point stone walls.

We also need information or photos related to the old Weighing Scales. We would love to know if anybody out there has some of the St. Brigid Anemone seed packets from the Nursery in Alderborough.

We are also on the lookout for some good building stone for the Archway Project. If anybody has any available we would be happy to collect.

We would love to have a piece of ground for a Community Garden where we could raise our own trees, plants and flowers for the village.

On a smaller scale we need some old bicycles to make recycled (no pun intended) bicycle racks from, one for Geashill N.S and the other for the Glebe entrance.

We would also love to get our hands on an old Telephone Box to use as an Information Kiosk, or a little Art Gallery for young artists from Geashill N.S. If someone could offer us one we would restore it beautifully.

Finally, in order to pay for all these grand projects we need imaginative fund raising ideas and people to do the fund raising. We are challenging for top honours in Tidy Towns at National Level, but cannot be successful without the support and assistance of everybody. Please help us in any way you can.



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