Geashill has a very rich heritage, with many authors covering everything from its architecture to its people.  We’ve listed some of publications below with links to where they can be purchased.

“Geashill – The Evolution of its Architecture” by Rachel McKenna


“Killeigh and Geashill, A Pictorial Record” by John Kearney


“Living Under the Thatch” by Barry O’Reilly


Indeed,Geashill’s rich heritage is there to be enjoyed by all that visit the National Museum, home to “The Geashill Cauldron”, an artefact dating back to 1546.  The cauldron was originally a brewing pan and after a great battle near the town of Giolla Bindhe near Geashill it became a “secret weapon” of the Lords of UibFailge, the O’Connor, and was used to demoralise the opposing forces by “beating it and causing a great noise”.

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